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Making Pictures.

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Eno, Budd, Glenn Gould, Trentemøller, Boards of Canada, TFSOL, Rancid, Goo Goo Dolls, Tangerine Dream, Debussy, Genesis P Orridge, Thee Majesty, Michael Hedges, Andy McKee, Tim Story ,Philip Glass, Anything Baroque [except hats or tights], Michael Nyman, Long Ryders, Hoodoo Gurus, Mike Scott, Ry Cooder, Red House Painters, Gin Blossoms, Górecki, U2, Gillian Welch, Terry Oldfield, Julian Bream, Eric Satie, Vivaldi, Ed Alleyne Johnson.



Anything involving: Jonathan Meades, Christopher Morris, John Berger, Christopher Hitchens , Boosh , Python , The Trees That Made Britain, This Land, Simpsons, Any Storyville ,Lost ,You've been Framed [schadenfreude], News 24, Twin Peaks, Genius of Photography, True Stories, Our Friends in the North, Abigails Party, Creature Comforts



Any Woody Allen, Any Ken Loach, Any Mike Leigh, Any Martin Scorcese, Any Nick Broomfield, Paris Texas, Apocalypse Now, Wild at Heart, Thin Red Line, Blade Runner, Darwins Nightmare, Grizzly Man, Heat, Deer Hunter, Heist, Millers Crossing, The Shining, Robocop, True Confessions , Glengarry Glen Ross , The Spanish Prisoner , The Bukowski Tapes , Farenheit 911, Bowling for Columbine, Sally Mann [Storyville], Shawshank Redemption, Talk Radio, Midnight Cowboy, Alien, Eraserhead, Mystery Train, Last Seduction, Withnail and I, American Psycho, LA Confidential, Mulholland Falls, Hoop Dreams, Iraq the Wartapes.



The Phantom Tollbooth, Any Stephen King [fuck you lit-snob], Any John le Carre [likewise], Any John Berger, Any Primo Levi, Any Garrison Keillor, Any Spike Milligan, Any Steinbeck, Any Alexander Soljenitsin, Any Tom Wolfe, Emily Dickinson, Any Bukowski, E E Cummings, Stevie Smith, The Naked and the Dead, Lord of the Rings [saved my life], The Bridges of Madison County, Music and Silence, The Art of Looking Sideways, Incest and Morris Dancing, Bonfire of the Vanities, A Man in Full, Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend, Captain Corellis Mandolin, Junky, Queer, Malice Aforethought, A Suitable Boy, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Old Man and the Sea, Lord of the Flies, Crime Wave, Factotum, Postsecret, Riding the Iron Rooster, The Great Railway Bazaar, Wind in the Willows, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, The Henry Root Letters, All of Us: The Collected Poems [Raymond Carver], The Islandman [Tomás O'Crohan], Old Songs in a New Café, Harlot's Ghost, Mayor of Casterbridge, My Friend Mr. Leakey ,Maus.